Fogging Dates & Maps 2014

In case you were wondering where they have fogged already, we decided to keep track of it for you.  Hopefully we won't have to update this page very often..... Did you contact the Board of Supervisors yet to ask them to stop Vector fogging?   Everyone's voice matters, they are listening to us now.   Click here for contact info.

#0 on 4/29/14 Alviso marshland was treated by helicopter with methoprene, and Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (Bti)   Click for map.

#1 on 5/22/14  Campbell, San Jose  95008, 95117, 95126 and 95128  Click for map.

#2 on 6/2/14   Sunnyvale   94086 and 94087  Click for map. 

#3 on 6/4/14    Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino  95051, 94096, 94087, 95014  Click for map.

#4 on  6/17/14  Campbell, San Jose  95008, 95124,  95125   Click for map.

#5 on 6/19/14  Campbell, Los Gatos, Saratoga, San Jose  Click for map.

#6 on 6/24/14   Sunnyvale, Los Altos, and Mountain View  Click for map.
#7 on 6/26/14  San Jose, Campbell   click for map.

#8  on 7/1/14 Los Gatos, San Jose, Campbell , Monte Sereno  Click for Map.

#9  on 7/8/14  Cupertino   Click for map.

#10 on 7/10/14  Campbell, San Jose   Click for map

#11 on 7/17/14  Cupertino, Sunnyvale   Click for map

#12  on 8/5/14 Sunnyvale, Santa Clara.   Click for map to zoom in. 

#13  on 8/7/14  Santa Clara.  Click for map to zoom in. 

#14  on 8/12/14  Saratoga.  Click for map to zoom in.

#15  8/14/14  San Jose.  Click for map to zoom in.

#16  8/21/14 Sunnyvale, Mountain View   Click here for map to zoom in

#17   8/26/14  San Jose  Click here for a map to zoom in.

#18  8/28/14  Santa Clara, San Jose  Click here for a map to zoom in.

#19  9/18/14  Cupertino   Click here for a map to zoom in. 

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