Contact County Supervisors!

     You can help stop the fogging! 

Contact ALL the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors (they serve as the Board of Directors for Vector Control) and let them know that you want the pesticide fogging to stop.  

 Contact information for the County Board of Supervisors:  
Email Mike Wasserman     (408)-299-5010   District 1
Email Cindy Chavez          (408) 299-5020    District 2
Email Dave Cortese           (408) 299-5030    District 3
Email Ken Yeager              (408) 299-5040     District 4
Email Joe Simitian             (408) 299-5050     District 5

Postal Address: 70 West Hedding St., 10th Floor, San Jose, CA 95110

 Here are some points you might address: 

1. Fogging is supposed to be a last resort in case of human emergency, not twice a week instead of working on larval control.  There are only 3 human cases & NO deaths of WNV in this County (as of 8/19/14) so there is NO emergency.

2.  Fogging is shown to be ineffective in controlling the spread of West Nile Virus. 

3.  Alameda County does not use pesticide fogging as they have extensive larval control program. 

4.  Repeated fogging causes resistance in mosquitoes and actually increases the mosquito population over the summer.   The only way to address mosquito populations is larval control. 

5.  Fogging kills bees and beneficial insects. Bees are not out at 11pm, but in the morning when they go to forage on up to 5000 flowers in a day, they will receive a sub-lethal dose of toxic pesticide that can stop it from returning to the hive or poison the nectar and pollen in the hive.