Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Petition and Facebook to share

The new petition is up and already has signatures & statements against fogging.

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Facebook page is up and ready.  (Feedback welcome, as always).
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We are making a difference....... read update from meeting below.

The County Board of Supervisors let us know today that the issue will be addressed at the committee meeting for HLUET (Housing, Land Use, Environment, Transportation) on Thursday 8/21 at 10am at 70 West Hedding, San Jose, in the Board's meeting room.  Vector is to submit their report answering these questions from the Board during the 6/10/14 meeting:
1. Is it necessary?
2. Is it effective?
3. Is it safe?
4. Has the public been informed and engaged?
5. Have we been mindful of sensitive populations- elderly, immune-compromised ?
6. Does the level of concern require this?
7. Are there alternatives ?
8. Is Vector working with IPM (Integrated Pest Management)?

We should get to see Vector's report a few days before the meeting.  We will likely get brief public comment period after Vector presents the report.  It is critical that we have lots of public comment.  Please let me know if you can make it?   If you wanted to do one thing to help stop the fogging, this is it.   I will write several statements in reply to what I think Vector will say in the report.  I will bring these for anyone to read during public comment period. It is important that we address environmental issues at this meeting.  You can also write letters, emails, and phone calls with answers to these questions.  If you need help with answers, please send an email, Click here.