Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6/24/14 Update

Thank you to all who wrote letters of protest and those who came to speak or support at the County Board of Supervisors at the meeting on Tue, 6/24/14. 

If you'd like to see the video of the public comment period during the meeting, click HERE 
and scroll to 05:20 until 26:45. 

Please continue to contact the Supervisors with detailed complaints if you did NOT receive a flyer from Vector, or hear about it on the radio, or see it in the news before being fogged. We will continue to update you about future foggings here, but Supervisors need to know that Vector is not doing their job of informing the public. 

It would also be great to inform the Supervisors when you find misinformation in the flyers if you do receive one.  If you have questions about the information on the flyers from Vector, please email us.  And it would be good to inform them if you are in a sensitive population- are pregnant, have an infant, are elderly, or are immune-compromised AND you were never informed by flyer, email, radio, phone or TV that you should take special precautions. 

Unfortunately, the Supervisors did not seem to pay much attention while we were talking. Except Sup.Simitian seemed focused the whole time.  The County Executive, Dr Smith, (in response to complaints that people were not receiving notice from Vector) said that they contract with an outside vendor to deliver the flyers and they will look into the problem that not all homes received flyers.  Vector might be missing the point here.

 Sup Simitian commented that while the issue is not on the agenda today, that there have been conversations during budget and other committee meetings, and he wanted those who made public comment to know that they were being heard.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be in August..... as they take vacation during July.

We are continuing to work on public awareness and education. 

We have flyers that you can download, print and hand out, everywhere you go.

We are handing out flyers & educating people from 12-2pm at Whole Foods in Campbell on Thu 6/26 before the fogging that night.   Again from 12-2pm at Whole Foods in Los Gatos on Tue7/1 before that night's fogging.  And if we have volunteers to help, we can hand out flyers at the Los Gatos farmer's market on Sun 6/29.  

Please let us know if you can help?   We will give you some information on talking points that we have learned to make it go better.

Sign the petition and keep passing the word.