Friday, June 20, 2014

6/26 Fogging San Jose & Campbell

This is the email from Vector Control. 

WEATHER PERMITTING, Beginning at 11:00 PM on Thursday 6/26/2014 the Santa Clara County Vector Control District will fog portions of zip codes 95125, 95126 and 95128, Supervisorial District 4, Cities; San Jose and small portion of Campbell. Fogging may occur at a later date if weather conditions are not favorable, or if additional positive mosquitoes are found after the fogging. A map of the proposed fogging area HERE

These hints for protecting yourself and your family are from the WONDERFUL article by folks in the NE at ToxicsAction.  See the article HERE.
Our comments are in the parentheses.

1. Keep windows closed during and immediately after spraying. If possible, also turn off window air conditioners.
2. Stay inside and keep children and pets inside during spraying and until the next morning after spraying.
3. Bring in or cover portable outdoor furniture, toys, laundry, pet dishes and tools.
4. Cover larger outdoor items such as barbecue grills or sand boxes. Swing sets and items that cannot be covered should be rinsed (or wiped down)  thoroughly after the spraying.
5. Cover ornamental fish ponds because pesticides are highly toxic to fish (and other aquatic life).
6. Cover vegetable (and fruit) gardens if you can with plastic sheeting; wash any exposed vegetables before storing, cooking or eating.
7. Remove shoes when entering the home after spraying because pesticides can be tracked indoors and remain toxic for months in synthetic carpet fibers. Pesticides used for mosquitoes are most easily degraded in direct sunlight and are sheltered when inside where they do not degrade quickly.
8. Hose off (or wipe down) window screens, door handles and hand railings after spraying occurs to avoid direct contact.

Again, the chemical in the pesticide takes 1.5 days in water or 4.5 days on ground/foliage to degrade to HALF toxicity.  So it can take up to 2-6 weeks for toxicity to disappear totally.  We are being fogged twice a week over the next 2 weeks, so there is more residue from wind drift.