Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More fogging June 17 & 19

Do you know . . .
We are being fogged at night with toxic pesticides?
Beginning in May 2014, Santa Clara county trucks drove through various cities fogging with a toxic chemical pesticide, Zenivex E4. Spraying of pesticides will continue, as often as they deem necessary. They have already fogged: Santa Clara, Cupertino, Campbell, San Jose, Sunnyvale.  Willow Glen & Los Gatos are next.  With your help, we can stop the ineffective, toxic pesticides.
Next foggings are Tue 6/17 & Thu 6/19 at 11pm-4am !   

Why are they fogging with pesticides?  
Pesticide fogging is to kill adult mosquitoes. Vector Control claims that this is needed to protect the public from West Nile Virus (WNV), which maybe transmitted when infected mosquitoes bite people.
How dangerous is WNV to human?  
WNV causes mild or no symptoms similar to a cold or flu in most people. Of those infected, less than 1% suffer serious symptoms.  After the first exposure, you become immune to WNV. Many people are already immune, as the virus has been around for several years.
Is fogging effective? 
 A 2006 Harvard study has shown fogging to be INEFFECTIVE at controlling adult mosquito populations. It only kills some adult mosquitoes, not the larvae. New generations of mosquitoes continue to hatch from larvae after the fogging.
Is the pesticide safe?  
Zenivex E4 is a toxic pyrethroid (synthetic nerve toxin). The manufacturer claims it is safe, but infants, elderly and immune-compromised cannot detoxify this chemical, and must avoid exposure.  Even at ULV (ultra low volume) application rates, the toxin kills other beneficial insects. Many are mosquito predators and part of the balance of our eco system. The Director of the Department of Environmental Health stated that fogging leaves a chemical residue. This residue is toxic to bees and is present at unknown levels on flowers and beehives, adding more toxins to bees that are suffering from Colony Collapse. The pesticide is toxic to aquatic life as well.  The fogged pesticide drifts in the wind and gets into our streams and oceans, where the toxin continues to poison aquatic life as the chemical does not degrade easily in mud. No long-term studies on humans, pets, or the environmental impact of this pesticide have been done!
How can I protect my family?  
Before fogging, it is vital to close windows, doors, and turn off AC. Bring in laundry, kids’ toys/furniture and pets and their food/water dishes. Susceptible populations (pregnant women, infants, elderly, and immune-compromised) should take extra precautions as the ability to detoxify the toxin is not developed in babies and is insufficient in these populations.
How can I help STOP toxic pesticide fogging?
Call, email or write all the County Supervisors.  Ask that they stop the pesticide fogging. 
Contact information for the County Board of Supervisors by District:

       District 1   Mike Wasserman email      (408) 299-5010
       District 2   Cindy Chavez email           (408) 299-5020           
       District 3   Dave Cortese email            (408) 299-5030 
       District 4   Ken Yeager email               (408) 299-5040  
       District 5   Joe Simitian email              (408) 299-5050 

Mailing address:  70 W. Hedding Street, 10th floor,  San Jose, CA 95110 

Here's a map to find your Santa Clara County District number:  Click here for District map

Questions or Volunteer signup?   Click here to send an email

With your help, we can Ban Pesticides and protect our health and environment!