Thursday, June 19, 2014

Update- How you can help?

Please sign the petition and tell everyone you know to sign too. When we are able to ban pesticides in Santa Clara County, it will set precedence for the rest of California and our Country and World......

If you'd like updates on future foggings from Vector Control, you can sign up for their announcement-only Yahoo group.  Click here
We will also post the announcements here too.

Please help us distribute informational flyers to everyone.  We are placing them on doormats (put a small rock on top to keep it from blowing away) in our neighborhoods.  We will post them at local stores, community centers, libraries, health clubs, parks, where ever we go.  The more folks we educate about the pesticide toxins and our environment, the bigger our protest will grow.
Download and print the flyer from Google Docs.

Speak during Public Comment period at the beginning of the County Board of Supervisor's Meetings listed below.   We are happy to help you with talking points, just send an email.

Tuesday, June 24th at 9:00 AM – Board of Supervisors Meeting 
Location:  70 West Hedding in San Jose on the first floor in the Board Chambers Room.
We will meet early to talk about a strategy.  Please arrive by 8:30AM. 
Parking is available at street meters for 2 hours at $1/hour, bring quarters.
       Each person must fill out a request to speak card when you arrive. They will call speakers to line up by name.  You are given 1 minute to address the Board. It's more effective to say less words very clearly than to rush through a lot of information too quickly. 
       Try to focus on a rebuttal to how we assume Vector Control will answer the questions below.  During the 6/10/14 Board Meeting, after many public comments, Supervisor Simitian asked the following questions that Vector Control must answer in a concise report before the Board reconvenes after July Vacation, or sooner.    

1. Before you undertake an effort like this, the legitimate question is, do we need to do this?
2. Is it effective?  Are there other ways?
3. Is it safe?
4. Has the public been informed & engaged in meaningful discussion?
5. Have we been mindful of the sensitive populations, for example,  infants and elders as well as those who have preexisting medical conditions?
6. Are  Vector Control and the folks at Integrated Pest Management, talking to each other? Are they coordinating?

Wednesday, June 25th at 4:30PM - Meeting with Supervisor Dave Cortese
Location:  70 West Hedding in San Jose on the 10th floor.
(Please note you must call Brandi at 408-687-5958 to RSVP, limited space)
If you reside in County District #3, this is your chance to talk with your Supervisor.

Please  help by calling, writing and emailing the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors (who serve as the Board of Directors for Vector Control) and let them know that you want the pesticide fogging to stop.  
 Contact information for the County Board of Supervisors:  
Email Mike Wasserman     (408)-299-5010   District 1
Email Cindy Chavez          (408) 299-5020    District 2
Email Dave Cortese           (408) 299-5030    District 3
Email Ken Yeager              (408) 299-5040     District 4
Email Joe Simitian             (408) 299-5050     District 5

Postal Address: 70 West Hedding St., 10th Floor, San Jose, CA 95110