Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Protest pesticide fogging

If not you....  then who? 

Will you join us?   We are meeting to protest the pesticide fogging on Tuesday, June 17th from 4:30 to 6:30pm.  Meet at the Walgreen's parking lot at the South-West corner of the intersection of E. Hamilton Ave and Meridian Ave, San Jose. 

Wear brightly colored clothing, maybe bring a colorful flag? 

Bring a sign with large bold lettering that says "Warning!  Pesticide Fogging tonight" 

We will have flyers with a map of the fogging area to hand out and a few extra signs.

Come even for a few minutes. The more support, the better the protest. 

Despite what Vector Control claims, the Director of the County Department of Environmental Health states that the fogging pesticide (Zenivex E4) DOES leave a residue, but as they will not test it, they don't know the concentration level of the residue.

Our goal is to warn residents of the pesticide and distribute flyers with more information on how to protect yourself from pesticide fogging from 11pm-4am and the following week.   
1. Close doors and windows.  Turn off A/C.
2. Bring in kids' toys, furniture, pets and pet food dishes.
3. Bring in laundry, cover the BBQ, cover food plants.
4. Pregnant women, infants, elderly, and immune-compromised must take extra precautions. Babies are not able to detoxify this chemical and others have limited detoxification ability. 
5. Don't allow babies in the grass.  Wash hands after touching things left outdoors. 

We need your support to make a change.